2012 New Model Headrest Monitors – The Best Choice For In-car Entertainment

There are many types of headrest monitors in the market nowadays, usually 7 inch and 9 inch ones. Generally, headrest monitor comes in a pair. You can get them installed to the headrests of your car’s front seats by using the mounting kit and bracket. When you want to sell or get rid of your car, the headrest monitors can be replaced with your car’s original headrests. So great!

Compared to other types of car dvd players, headrest monitor seems to be a much better in-car entertainment choice for the passengers, especially your kids on the back seat to enjoy the wonderful DVD movies. Have such a device in the car, the passenger can kill their boring time on the go by watching movies, listening to music or even playing games. By the way, because of its installation place, the driver can’t see what is showing on the Honda headrest monitor. That will make the driver concentrate on the driving without any distraction. So car headrest monitors can certainly bring you more happiness as well as safety.


How to choose a suitable headrest monitor, like Honda?

Firstly, choose the right exterior. Headrest car DVD usually have leather and velvet. If you want to clean it easily, the leather ones could be the right one for you. Of course you can choose ones with zipper covers that can protect the monitors from dust and scratches. You don’t need to clean it so frequently as well.

Secondly, choose the proper color that matched with your car interior. Usually there’ are black, gray and beige colors available for your option.

Thirdly, decide the monitor size you want. You normally can choose 7 inch or 9 inch ones.

Fourthly, select the model coming with the functions you want. DVD playing, MP3 music, radio, image browsing, e-book reading, USB/SD ports, game playing, all of these are the common functions of the headrest monitors. Some also support wireless IR earphone function, which can help your passenger listen to the music more clearly.

Here is a 2012 new model headrest monitor. It comes with two 9 inch digital HD LCD touchscreens, which can offer you a better visual enjoyment. This item also comes with all the functions of the headrest dvd players nowadays. It is compatible with almost all the common digital file formats. Specially, it supports 32-bit games with wireless game controller. With built-in two speakers, you are able to enjoy surround sound. This item has different size of poles, and the distance between two poles is adjustable. So, this item is suitable for most vehicles.

With headrest monitors installed in, you car will become a colorful moving entertainment centre . In such cases, your passengers will never complain that it is dull and boring during a car-trip. Want to select a suitable headrest monitor? Then you may consider the universal 2012 new model headrest monitor.

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