Bed liner Instant Coating Spray

QWIK LINER® ALPHA Coat is a 100% solids, two component aliphatic polyurea coating. ALPHA Coat is primarily used for applications that require high UV stability and stronger chemical and corrosion resistance. The ALPHA Coat is ideal for truck beds, marine and industrial applications. Contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).
The QWIK LINER® 100% solids linings which are ideal for spray-on bedliners, 4×4’s, restoration projects, trailers and containment area, flooring, industrial and marine aplications. The QWIK LINER® system is an easy solution for sprayed-on bedliner repairs and coating jobs.

Durable, attractive decals are made of a flexible, three-dimensional epoxy dome over the QWIK LINER® logo. Each decal is supplied with permanent adhesive, which will adhere to most smooth surfaces.

PRODUCT Description

The dual cartridge spray gun is pneumatically driven and is designed to dispense the 1:1 100% solids QWIK LINER® coatings held in disposable cartridges.

Basic Specifications:

Low Cost Replacement Parts
Due to the extreme self contained simplicity of the QWIK LINER® system, it has very few replacement parts and the parts that need to be replaced are inexpensive. No need to replace hoses, fittings, pumps or expensive equipment.

QWIK LINER® Spray Gun Specifications

•  Air Cylinder: 4″ Aluminum
•  Air Valve: Built In Base Of Handle
•  Length: 21 11/16″
•  Mixing Tube: Length-11″, Mixing Elements-24
•  Cartridge Size: 750ml x 750ml (51.0 fl. oz.)
•  Ratio: 1:1
•  Thrust Force: 1100 lbs. @ 100 PSI
•  Max Air Pressure: 110 PSI
•  Air Input Fitting: 1/4″ Pipe Thread Female
•  Compressor Requirements: 10 CFM @ 90 PSI
•  Adjustable Air Regulator
•  Air Dump Valve Stops Flow Instantly
•  Reverse Air
•  Has your machine been down and you’ve lost revenue?
•  Have you needed to spray small items but not wanted to start up your high volume spray system?
•  Have you been called for mobile work but can’t easily transport your main system and will be left with nothing at your shop?
•  100% solids
•  True polyurea hybrid
•  Sets up in seconds
•  Variable texture
•  No maintenance or cleanup
•  Use only what you need – spray partial cartridges, save leftovers  for next job

Replacment Parts
We stock a full selection of replacment parts for the QWIK LINER® cartridge spray system. Click here to view our selection of cartridge system parts and supplies including the dual cartridge spray gun, black and color cartriges, 3 piece mixing tubes, fittings and hoses.

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One Comment on “Bed liner Instant Coating Spray”

  1. Watch out for the Real Spray-Lining of Hawaii VS Hawaii Spraylining SCAM! The the 2nd one is an imposer not using true Spray-Lining product with no real certified Spray-Lining applicators & the fake pros who use Armadillo are on Kamokila Blvd Kapolei & their in a Self Storage place.The real one is called Spray-Lining Hawaii & they’re on Hart St in HONOLULU… Spray-Lining Hawaii has done great Spray on bed liner work for my board including lining jobs for Ronn Nozoe in lieu of my school trucks & government equipment. We learned Spray-Lining Hawaii is not Hawaii Spraylining because this imposter, Hi Spraylining uses product some Armadillo product which is not true Spray-Lining which is excellent. At our Central Oahu District our Complex Area Superintendent made this distinction, we even inspected an Armadillo vs the real Spray-Lining Hawaii on truck beds, jeeps & equipment the real liner was applied to. Now you should know that authentic Spray-Lining Hawaii has Lifetime Unlimited Warranty but the imposter stated 5 year warranty which is not manufacturer backed. Actually Armadillo has no real warranty at all. We also within the local government board of Leeward Oahu District, Mr Luke & supervisors wish to clarify for our friends at Spray-Lining Hawaii that no citizens should confuse the real Spray-Lining product or great service with the Armadillo imposters!

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