Codip Air Operated PTFE Tubular Diaphragm Pumps

Codip air operated tubular diaphragm pumps are positive displacement pumps and combine an innovative pump design with a robust construction using durable materials.The result is a pump providing safe and reliable liquid transfer even when handling the most aggressive media. These tubular diaphragm pumps resist the effects of viscous, abrasive and corrosive fluids.

Codip manufacture the only range of air operated pumps with PTFE tubular diaphragms, a unique construction compared with conventional AOD pumps.
The Codip pump range consists of five models and covers nominal flow rates from 20 litres/min to 300 litres/min at discharge pressures up to 10 bar. The standard pumps can operate at temperature up to 90 deg C and, with simple modifications, can pump liquids at temperatures up to 180 deg C.

Various wetted materials of construction are available including pure PTFE, Viton, Hypalon, EPDM and Neoprene.

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Maximum flow rates from 20 lit/min to 300 lit/min at discharge
pressures up to 10 Bar
Pure PTFE wetted construction available for ultrapure pharmaceutical applications or for maximum corrosion resistance
Codip pumps can be run dry, are self priming and offer double containment as standard
Codip pumps can dry suction lift from 1 m (model RP 20) to 4 m (model RP 150) with standard ball check valves.
An option of PTFE shuttle check valves ensures positive seating and achieves higher suction lifts between 3.5 m (model RP 20) and 5 m (model RP 60 Duplex) based on water at 18 deg C .

Operational Features

The Codip pump is operated by compressed air supplied through an independent automatic air distributor to one side of a flat rubber air-diaphragm. This diaphragm is deflected and displaces the inert liquid inside the pump casing. In turn, the inert liquid transmits the pressure uniformly to the PTFE tubular diaphragm without any mechanical stress.
The rubber air-diaphragm therefore operates with air pressure on one side, and an equal and opposite fluid pressure on the other side, so this diaphragm is hydro-dynamically balanced.
Similarly, the tubular diaphragm (which is ‘the heart’ of the system) operates with the process medium inside, and inert liquid outside, at the same internal and external pressure so this diaphragm is also hydro-dynamically balanced. This means that the differential pressure acting on the tubular diaphragm walls is always zero, therefore eliminating any diaphragm stress and resulting in an extremely long tubular diaphragm life.
In the Codip pumps with PTFE wetted parts, all component parts that come into contact with the pumped medium are isostatically moulded from pure virgin PTFE. The pump has no mechanical seal, packing or O rings that seal the pumped liquid from the environment, and it is therefore virtually impossible for the Codip pump to leak any pumped liquid into the environment.
The fact that the pump has secondary containment is another important feature of the Codip design which addresses the growing demand for sealless pumps and ensures zero leakage even in the unlikely event a diaphragm failure.
The PTFE tubular diaphagm safely handles most corrosive liquids, both hot and cold.

Technical Features

Pure (virgin) hydrostatically pressed PTFE wetted parts, fully guaranteed against permeation, for all corrosive chemicals and blends
10 bar maximum discharge pressure
Temperature range from 20 deg C up to 180 deg C
Material options include Viton

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