Global Smart Greenhouse Market to Expand at a CAGR of 9.2% between 2019 and 2027

According to a new market report published by Industry Probe ( titled ‘Smart Greenhouse Market (Type: Hydroponic and Non-hydroponic; Technology: HVAC, LED, Material Handling, Grow Light, Communication Technology, Water System Framework, Control Framework Irrigation System, Valves & Pumps, and Others) – Global Industry Dynamics 2018-2019, Trends and Forecast, 2020–2027,’ the global non-hydroponic smart greenhouse market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 8.4% from 2019 to 2027 and reach US$ 1.10 Bn by 2027.

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A smart greenhouse is based on the advancement of a greenhouse that would maintain a perfect micro-climate for a particular crop being cultivated inside. It would be made to exercise the vegetation inside to maximize its efficiency. In some regions, a smart greenhouse is also popular for water saving due to the superior irrigation system. In recent years, people also access electric power through solar-photovoltaic technology. These factors are anticipated to drive rapid growth in the smart greenhouse market. A smart greenhouse is installed with different kinds of actuators and sensors that are intelligent to operate without human involvement. This smart greenhouse gives better performance and far more reliable end results. In addition, the excellent utilization of energy and resources can be achieved by adopting a smart greenhouse.

The increasing focus on smart greenhouse automation, smart greenhouse provider is utilizing technologies such as IoT embedded systems, harvesting robots, automatic seed planters, cooling system, energy-saving applications, and greenhouse roof washers. These technology-specific designs help reduce energy and water costs, labor costs, and chemical costs. Briefly, advanced machines help reduce the total cost of dish machine ownership. All these factors are expected to drive the demand for the smart greenhouse market. Moreover, A smart greenhouse has cognitive skills to sense its surrounding environment and either use or block specific features to maintain the micro-climate. Such environment variables that are most essential for crops are air temperature and soil humidity level. Control systems get information using specific sensors and analyze it with set value to assess whether or not to change the state of the HVAC system and irrigation system.

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Geographically, Europe has traditionally held at the lead of implementing advanced techniques in greenhouse farming. Countries such as the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy have large areas under greenhouse cultivation. CEA has mostly flourished in the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries where growth is nearly impossible during the winter season. As the population in Europe is rapidly increasing, they are importing fruits and vegetables in a frozen form from markets in Africa and Asia. Indoor farming is growing rapidly in some of the major countries in this region to collect fresh produce from locally cultivated farms. This factor is expected to generate a huge demand for controlled-environment agriculture in the near future. The report identifies and compares the attractiveness of segments on the basis of CAGR and market share index across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. The same has also been provided for each segmentation category, i.e., type, technology, and region in the scope of the study.

The report includes the below mentioned pointers of major players operating in the Non-hydroponic smart greenhouse market:

  • Competition Matrix
  • Company Overview
  • Market Share Analysis (2018)
  • Product Innovation
  • Business Strategies / Recent Developments
  • Technological advancements
  • Key mergers and acquisitions
  • Expansion strategies
  • Company Financials

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Key companies profiled in the smart greenhouse research report include Heliospectra AB, Rough Brothers, Inc., Certhon, LumiGrow, Argus Control Systems Ltd., Ceres Greenhouse Solutions, JFE Engineering Corporation, Nexus Corporation, GreenTech Agro LLC., and Logiqs B.V. among others

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