Hyperion Essbase

Oracle Hyperion Essbase is the market-leading multi-dimensional database platform for developing customised analytical solutions and enterprise performance management applications.

The power of Hyperion Essbase lies in its power and simplicity. A highly visual application design allows you to build analytical applications with multi-dimensions, hierarchies, metrics and varying scenarios quickly and easily. This simplicity means business users can analyse trends and relationships between those trends, to produce forecasts and what-if scenarios without dependency on technical resources.

Oracle Essbase is ideal to replace complex spreadsheet models that are brittle, time consuming and unreliable for enterprise level needs. Because of its simplicity, the solution resonates with both business and financial analysts. The suite of supporting reporting tools satisfies the diverse needs of users across all organisation roles. Using Essbase to see and manipulate data directly in a spreadsheet, via pre-formatted reports, or a powerful ad hoc graphical interface, business users can easily access the data they need to make more profitable decisions.

The simplicity of Essbase is augmented by its proven processing power. Oracle Hyperion Essbase is the most advanced, high performance calculation engine on the market. What this means for our customers is that there are more than 350 pre-built, out-of-the-box functions that accelerate complex business model development and all maintenance to manage data and business rules is handled in a single interface. No other software based solution can process either straightforward aggregations or complex cross-dimensional allocations with the performance of Essbase.

A summary of the services Qubix can perform for your organisation includes:

New implementations of Hyperion Essbase.
Essbase migrations and upgrades.
Conversions from other OLAP databases to Essbase Application reviews.
Application redesigns and optimisations, including complex calculation scripts and member formulas.
Essbase Partitioning.
Essbase database tuning.
Essbase data integration.
Automation (data, outline & metadata updates, calculation and application maintenance).
Database backup processes.
Qubix provides expertise, best practices and certified consultants in Hyperion Essbase implementations to deliver the most efficient and effective solutions. We help clients to optimise and customise analytics in Essbase to meet their Enterprise Performance Management needs.

Learn more on Hyperion software from http://www.qubix.co.uk/.

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