The legal requirements of getting Marriage Certificate in Canada

Beneath the Solemnization of the Act of Canadian Marriage, it is extremely essential to obtain a Marriage Certificate in Canada prior to getting married. Marriage licenses are regionally or provincially and it is compulsory to submit an application to the applicable province or region’s municipal organization or branch of Vital Statistics so as to obtain a marriage license. The license is a legal document only in that territory or region, for instance, a Prince Edward Island marriage license is only legitimate in Prince Edward Island.

Marriage Certificate license requirements differ according to the territory or area an individual desires to get married in. For instance, any individual wanting to get married (without parent permission) in British Columbia must be over 19 years of age, on the other hand marriage with the consent of parents can be done at the age of 16 or 17. The marriage license thus obtained from the region’s municipal organization or branch is only valid for 3 months span.

In a number of regions, printed consent of parents is mandatory if any person wishes to get married is before 19 years of age. In certain providences exceptional marriage licenses has been provided to the couple under the age group of 16 year. These kind of exceptional licenses are provided only with the consent of both parents and under the circumstance where the bride is pregnant or is a mother already.

When submitting an application for a Marriage Certificate in Canada, the below given information is necessary:

  • The intended date of marriage which couple has decided
  • Evidence of current marital status: (if divorced then divorce deed is mandatory, certificate of death if widowed)
  • Identity proof, certificate of birth when asked for

Getting a Canadian Marriage License:-

For getting Marriage Certificate in Canada you can get application form from the regional municipal department of Vital Statistics. It is also achievable to get the Canadian Marriage application form downloaded from the official website of particular municipal department of Vital Statistics.

To obtain a marriage Certificate in Canada, it is compulsory for both bride & groom to go in person to the applicable municipal department and exhibit any requisite identity details or documents, during this visit in person the couple is required to pay a fee for the Canadian marriage license. Marriage Certificate in Canada is only valid for a definite time period; for illustration, for 3 months from the date purchase of the certificate, while in certain regions this may be as small as thirty days. In Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Labrador and British Columbia only one person is requisite to visit the licensing office to complete the procedure of obtaining a Canadian Marriage Certificate.

A Canadian marriage license is not compulsory if the marriage is taking place in a mosque, church or synagogue. In these circumstances the couple possibly will get married following a Publication of Banns. This is a declaration of the couple’s intention of getting married. Some other formalities too exist, depending on the province or area the marriage is due to take place.

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