My Note to Serbia and the World

Serbia is a magnificent country, even considering the atrocities committed here, the scars still visible, and the post-communism bureaucracy that plagues natives and foreigners.

There are tons of little things that I can’t wait to be addressed in the near future. I’m not referring to the current government. I’m referring to the people who are striving to have a better, solid Serbia for Serbians. And by Serbians I don’t mean just those of Serbian ethnicity, but those who appreciate and love Serbia as their homeland – no matter his/her ethnicity. A few of you might be reading this thinking that’ll never happen because “Serbs are just out to better things for Serbs and no one else.” I promise, that’s a lie. Yes, some Serbs think this way. Just as some Americans do in the US, and Brits in the UK. But the real success lies within those people who are proud to be Srbijanci.

 Quick Serbian lesson here:

  • Srbin – Ethnic Serbian man
  • Srbkinja – Ethnic Serbian woman
  • Srbi – Ethnic Serbian people
  • Srbijanac – Man of Serbian nationality
  • Srbijanka – Woman of Serbian nationality
  • Srbijanci – Men or People in general of Serbian nationality

Now, many might think I’m luda/crazy right now. But remember this post. This is how things will come to be, and this is how Serbia will prosper again. As much as I dislike the US, let’s look at the American people (not government) for a second.

Americans (still excluding the government/politics) are generally proud to be Americans. Even the foreigners that move to the US, are/were proud to be there. This is partially why the US has the stronghold it does. This pride is shown in everything they do. Sometimes they get cocky, yes. But that’s a different story. But in general, this pride unites them. The government has destroyed this pride for many in the recent years, but I can remember growing up and being around foreigners that were proud to have moved to the US, even with the struggles they encountered. These people weren’t “ethnically” Americans – there is no such thing, so it’s not possible. They were/are of American nationality. They respected and honored their cultures, but followed suit with also partaking in American cultures and traditions.

Here in Serbia, something along the same lines needs to happen. I’m not saying that Serbia needs to be America. Oh far from… but that pride needs to be instilled again. Thanks to Western media, Serbs have become disgusted with their own country and people to a great extent. From this reaction, two main groups emerge. You have those who think they should shed everything that is Serbia and be like the West. These pro-Western people are the demise of the country (in my opinion as with everything on my blog). Those that aren’t pro-Western are labeled with names, generally referring to nationalism. But what’s so wrong with nationalism? Being proud and steadfast about the country you were born in? To truly understand nationalism, especially in the essence of Serbian nationalism, read this. Each group labels the other bad because they feel the other will ruin Serbia. However, for Serbia to be remain Serbia, the people have to shed the idea that a pro-Western cookie-cutter replica is the answer. If you truly think this is the answer, look at the problems in these Western countries! Do you seriously want Serbia to be like them? Or do you want Serbia to stand on her own again, with her held high, knowing she has stood her ground for her culture, her traditions, and her natural beauty? That she never surrendered or gave up the fight? Never caved in to being what the rest of the world wanted her to be? Do you really want your kids to grow up the way American kids do? I know I don’t want my kids to. My childhood was decent, definitely not full of white picket fences and yearly family vacations that you see in every Hollywood movie. Most of us didn’t live like that. But the way children are today in the US is just disgusting and makes you lose hope for humanity. No manners, expect everything to be given to them, and disregard all forms authority because it’s a trend.

Do you really want Serbia to be like this? If you say yes, I pray for you. If you say no, however, then I suggest you rid yourself of this false-promise land ideal that you think being Westernized will provide for Serbia.

Will EU membership really help you out? Who truly benefits in that relationship? Definitely not Serbia.

Could Serbia take a few lessons from Western countries – of course. We all can learn from each other. But Serbia should not strive to be a replica of the crumbling West. There is no need to be of the West to learn from the West.

To fix this, and stop it from becoming a true reality, everyone here in Serbia must embrace the idea and truth of being Srbijanci. Be proud of this country. Of the people. Of the beauty. Of the natural abundance. Of the history (good and bad). Of the culture. Of the traditions. Yes, Serbia is predominantly Orthodox so much the country is steeped in Orthodox traditions and culture. But this is to be expected. Orthodoxy has been around Serbia for a few centuries – before any other religion was present in the region, aside from pre-Christian religions. When you come to Serbia, this is a truth you must acknowledge. Just as when you go to the US, you must acknowledge that it is a diverse world and being politically correct (PC) is a must or you’ll get slapped with a lawsuit over petty shit. It’s just the reality of both worlds. Orthodoxy is what makes Serbia who she is. I don’t say this because I’m Orthodox or that I find other religions wrong or bad. But I say this because to be appreciative of Serbia, you have to accept the facts. If you’re a Catholic, Jew, or Muslim living in Serbia, no one harasses you (aside from the RARE idiots who just like to start trouble as it gets blared over the TVs worldwide to make it seem like a daily occurrence) and you have your churches, mosques, and synagogues. No one actually cares. Not even the hardcore “ultra-nationalists” (who even piss me off) don’t care as long as it doesn’t disrupt what is Serbia.

The only real path to success and future prosperity for Serbia is through embracing the fact you are a Srbijanci. And if you’re foreigner, do not come here and complain that Serbia isn’t enough like your home country. If you want it to be like your home country, go back to it. You have the choice to go home, and if home is what you want then go. No one is stopping you and I promise no one will mind that you leave. I’m not saying if you don’t accept everything 100% you’ll be hated. Far from. But don’t come to a country, especially one you’re in temporarily, bitch about it not being like home, when it isn’t. Just a simple observation. This mentality doesn’t win and influence anyone.

Remember these two things – Never Surrender Serbia to anyone or any ideal other than that of being a Serbian country once again. And never forget what it is to be Srbijanci.



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