Starting your blog

First thing about starting a good blog is an idea, you have to have a good idea about what are you going to write.

Second thing is your content, it has to be unique and a good quality because with out a good quality content your readers just wont return for more. Good quality content hooks them at their monitors and makes them spent time reading it. And stealing time from internet users is in fact your main goal.

Third thing is appearance, your blog has to be visually pleasant for its reader, but not overdue with visualisation, you don’t want to bee tacky.
When you have made sure about this three thing then you have to think about web presence. How will anyone read your blog if it does not appear in search engines.

Optimizing your blog to appear on engines like google, yahoo, bing, yandex, baidu is your next important thing because it enables you bigger traffic, and that means more people to steal time from.
Time being the only thing we can’t turn back, and the only thing we can’t get back after we have lost it or given it to someone, makes it the most valuable asset one ┬áliving person can have. And you, a good and skillful blogger, becoming a thief of one such valuable thing, will get you in trouble.

Being good at it will make others hate and envy you, and being bad at it will make others laugh and make fun of you, but both of this two thing will bring you traffic.

The choice is yours.


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