Agile Bluetooth Function – Make Your Driving Much Safer

We have to say that car DVD player coming with the handsfree bluetooth set help us easily handle the incoming calls while driving, this will no doubt increase the driving safety to a great extent.

As a driver, we can not imagine that this scene that you have to turn off or turn down the music with one hand and answer the phone with the other at the same time you control the steering wheel control, would happened when driving on the road, because it is so dangerous.

Things will be different if you install a bluetooth car kit in your vehicle. Imagine it: when there is an incoming call, press one button on your stereo system, you pick up the phone, then the song’s volume is automatically turned down and instead of through your mobile, the call will be played over the stereo. Now this is not impossible for you, and this is what a MP3 Bluetooth car kit can do! There are various bluetooth car MP3 Player or DVD Player in the market, and they can offer different features. Now let’s have a look at some common functions of this unit:

An interesting feature of this item is that it allows you to listen to the calls via the car speakers, just like playing audio via the car stereo system. When an incoming call occurs, the stereo system automatically mutes any song or video playback, so you can pick up the call in quiet.

A bluetooth stereo system with A2DP profile is also able to turn your car into a mobile media center. It allows you to directly enjoy the music stored in your phone. Also, all bluetooth enabled devices can be connected to each other. So if your MP3 player is paired with the stereo and also support A2DP, you can play music stored in the player via the stereo system. This sort of wireless music streaming is really an amazing technology!

This item can also effectively increase the driving safety. Of every year’s vehicle accidents and casualties, a very common cause is a distracted driver who uses the phone while driving. The handsfree bluetooth set allows the driver to use phone while both hands remain on the steering wheel. Such easy call handling no doubt ensures the safe driving.

Easy phone calls handling, safe driving, a good car audio system, all of these are what a bluetooth car stereo system can bring you! Really an attractive unit!

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