Beatriz Armendariz Is An Exceedingly Knowledgeable Individual

Beatriz Armendariz is a resident of London and a Senior Lecturer in Economics. She is presently teaching at the University College London in United Kingdom. Prior to this, she was associated with the Harvard University, USA as a lecturer in Economics. She completed her graduation in Economics from Mexico in 1984 followed by M Phil in Economics from University of Cambridge, UK. Later on, she did her Ph. D from France. Foreign Debt Negotiations: A Historical and Theoretical Analysis was her topic of Ph. D Dissertation. She is an intellectual person and is also the founding member of the Grameen Credit Agricole Microfinance and Gender Equality Fund. She has travelled a lot and has been moving from one part of the world to other. She is a prominent research fellow and an active member of the Scientific Committee.

Beatriz Armendariz is an exceedingly knowledgeable individual who has received several titles and accolades. She has also earned praise and numerous awards in her lifetime. She was honored with research grants and academic awards by Belgian and Mexican institutes. Beatriz Armendariz also likes to read books of writers belonging to different parts of the globe. She has also worked as a visiting professor at Brussels in Belgium and at Massachusetts Institute of Technology at Cambridge in USA. Apart from teaching, Beatriz Armendariz is a keynote speaker of gender equality in Microfinance. She has also attended numerous conferences on microfinance. Her teaching experience includes key areas of study like Microfinance, Latin American Economy, Poverty and Development, Development Economics, Money and Banking. , Basic Economic Concepts and Microeconomics.

Beatriz Armendariz has also authored a few books. The Handbook of Microfinance, The Economics of Contemporary Latin American Economy and The Economics of Microfinance are a few of the books written by her. Beatriz Armendariz has also contributed a number of articles in the field of economics and micro finance. She has even presented papers on numerous subjects including Policy Reducing Credit Policies, A Theory of Credit Unions, Buybacks of LDC Debt and the Scope for Forgiveness, etc.

Throughout her career, Beatriz Armendariz has held several prominent positions at different educational institutes. She served as Teaching Assistant at ITAM; as Research Officer at INEGI (Mexico); as Visiting Scholar in Economics Department of MIT, Cambridge; as Lecturer in Economics at London School of Economics; as Visiting Professor at Toulouse School of Economics (France); and as Lecturer in Economics at University College London, UK. From 2000 to 2002, she served as a Research Fellow at the Center for International Development, Harvard University, and then as Senior Lecturer in Economics at University College London, UK.

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