Do Make A Difference Between Car Dashboard Camera And Home-use DV

Car dash camera or car DVR, usually consider as the vehicle black box, is mainly used to record what happened during the driving. This is a new popular in-car device, and has received a great popularity recently. Home-use DV is a common digital product, and people mainly use it to record some great moments in daily life. These two items are very similar, the main function of which is to record videos. But in some respects, they also have some difference.

Car DVR, as the name implies, is mainly applied in the vehicle. During daily driving, the dashboard-mounted cameras record the sights and sounds while the car is driven, providing footage to document what happens on the road or in the car. When you go on a self-driving trip, car DVR can also help you capture the beautiful scenery along the road, as well as remember every happy moment on the go. A home-use DV is mainly used to keep some wonderful slices of life, which will rich your spiritual life, and make you have something to recall in the future.

Second, they adopt different power-supply mode. Compared to home-use DV, car dash camera will work for a much longer time because people always use it to record the whole driving process. For dashboard camera, battery power is far from enough. That’s why some car driving recorders are equipped with batteries, but still need to be directly charged through auto cigarette power supply. However, when starts up or stop, the car will have a big voltage fluctuate. That will no doubt make great influence on the life of the dash cam. Unlike car DVR, the home-use DV usually adopt lithium battery with stable voltage. When the battery is dead, you just need to charge it.

Third, video recording mode is different. Generally, the capacity of memory card of car DVR is limited. In order to not miss any data, it usually comes with loop recording function. That makes it automatically delete old files when the memory is run out. Also, car dash camera mostly adopt the wide angel lens so as to enlarge recording range.

In addition, car DVR vehicle recorder is more practical. Not only can it be used in the vehicle, but also it can be used as a home-use DV. So, there is no need to buy a DV additionally if you have already had a car DVR. What’s more, some high-end dashboard cameras can also offer you the GPS logger function, recording the driving track and driving speed.

After learn about the difference of these two video recorder, don’t you think that car dashboard camera is a better choice? Now you can find various car DVR recorder in the market, including dual lens car DVR, car dash cam with GPS, car night vision vehicle recorder and so on. Just choose a suitable one you want!

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