Experiential Marketing Campaign Trends In 2022

After a year of heavy restrictions and months of strict compliance, the world is slowly going back to the usual. As more live events ramp up and in-person gatherings are allowed, experiential marketing is back at its heyday. Although the effect of “new normal” has taken a toll on everyone, companies still managed to create successful promotions virtually. However, despite the accomplishments, audiences would still want to experience the brand gets promoted in the real world, real-time.

If you’re planning to ensure that people are immersed and will live with the memory of how great your event is, we’ve gathered some of the best experiential marketing campaigns in various industries. Get inspired by these and guarantee the success of your project.

Digital marketing

Although we’ve mentioned the comeback of face-to-face events, virtual marketing campaigns will more likely still retain in the next few years. Many businesses pivoted to technology-based experiential marketing last year in compliance with stern restrictions and they saw the huge impact it made. Even though the audiences are not physically present, it allowed brands to reach more people in a safe manner. Furthermore, some people still prefer virtual alternatives rather than enclosed in-person events.

Social cause advocacy

A lot of unfortunate events happened in the year 2020 that led to national and global conversations. As the public is more engaged in the talks, companies have also used their platforms to express support to various communities. The way brands incorporate social injustices into their promotional events is also their way of doing experiential marketing to their targeted audiences.

Vaccine-related projects

As the number of vaccinated individuals is increasing, so is looser quarantine restrictions and a better community. However, some individuals are still hesitant or strongly disagree with the idea of vaccination. In relation to social cause advocacy trends, brands have also made initiatives to promote mass immunization so people can get ideas on how vaccine jabs can help society.

AR and VR

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are immersive technologies that make it easier for people to imagine possibilities safely in isolated environments. Because of these, companies are able to create a unique, shareable, meaningful, and fun experience that also helps cross their message to audiences. Although AR and VR aren’t new, many people still haven’t experienced the two. By making the audiences experience something for the first time, your campaign will surely be a hit.

Outdoor events

The pandemic made people stay at home for a long time that caused outdoor experiential events this year much more memorable. Many individuals can’t wait to attend and participate in events located in large, outdoor spaces with entertaining guests. Performances with the help of a talent buying agency can help brands create meaningful events.

Create-your-own product

As cutting-edge technology is getting better year by year, brands try to create an experiential marketing experience using them. Some companies install make-your-own pop-up stores to encourage people to get creative and make their own take on popular products. As a result, brands can get an idea of what version they’ll do next time.

Digital Games and Applications

Marketing in the form of digital games and applications can help brands provide an immersive experience to users in the comfort of their own homes. Businesses game-fy their brands that cause an adrenaline rush to users by finishing challenges. Options in here are endless, and as long as it’s creative, immersive, and fun, your brand can give a long-lasting impression to users.

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