Holistic Face Care For The New Year

Holistic facials can restore a dull complexion and make it radiant or help promote fresh, clear skin without chemically laden skin care products. This is something new in many of the best spas and is a different approach to restore aging skin and give you younger, perfect skin, no matter what your age.

The New Year brings about fresh new ideas and ambitions for how to improve your health and wellbeing and if your intention is flawless skin then you had better discover the beauty innovations and secrets that keep Hollywood ageless.

A well known celebrity facialist, Joanna Vargas, recommends doing some research and to select non-invasive facials that will help you achieve great results. You can start with friends that have enviable complexions to see what professional face care they apply and this may reveal the best spas to trust with your skin.

LED light therapy and microcurrent facials are two groundbreaking approaches to skin care and they are a sort of one stop shop for every skin issue, ranging in age-reversing to sensitive skin. At Ms. Vargas, luxurious spa in NYC, these gentle facials boost collagen and elastin for improved elasticity, firmness, texture, and a dramatically youthful appearance.

Why is LED Light Therapy A Great Spa Treatment?

The top spas are overrun with clients clamoring for LED facials around this time of year because they immediately reverse damage and enhance with the first topical application. Noted dermatologist recommend light emitting diode (LED) as a natural anti-aging alternative to invasive surgical skin care. They have acknowledged the healing powers of infrared light when used to slow the aging process and NASA has used this therapy to rapidly mend damage skin tissue in their astronauts.

Professional facials are not only the best approach to slowing the aging process, but they are also deeply relaxing, thus eliminating the signs of stressed skin. In addition the knowledgeable advice of leading aestheticians is the ‘ounce of prevention’ for dermal conditions that if ignored can mar the overall appearance of the face-your best asset. So with resolutions in tow, your first facial is a new beginning for clean clear and glowing skin.

How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles: Microcurrent Facials and Their Benefits

Women and many men are now seeking more holistic and natural ways of achieving and maintaining youthful healthy skin. For this reason, microcurrent spa treatments is a very popular and cutting-edge alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures. The surface application uses a device which emits mild electrical currents to target problem areas with this effective treatment for aging skin.

This spa facial restores energy to damaged skin cells and stimulates facial muscles for a completely taut youthful appearance. As a result, ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production is triggered that in turn regulates bio-chemical functions in the body. The treatment also improves protein synthesis vital for the repair of damaged skin tissues as it enhances blood circulation.

This will of course boost skin cell regeneration and renewed muscle tone in the face and décolletage for dramatically younger skin. Sagging jaw line and brow are substantially lifted while there is a visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Facial puffiness is alleviated with this gentle treatment that promotes lymphatic drainage to eliminate excess fluids. This advance facial treatment also stimulates elastin and collagen production that is essential for tightening skin, naturally sculpting and toning the face.

Now this is truly advance skin care treatment that can give you the results you have been looking for. It can keep your skin youthful or return to it its youthful qualities.

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